Three tips to make the most of learning Law of Attraction

When you first hear about the Law of Attraction, folks either have two reactions: The first, “I KNEW IT!” or those folks who knew there was a way that they were making things happen.  The other reaction is SKEPTICISM.

I have to admit, my first reaction was skepticism. My dad was a skeptic and taught me to be one too. “Don’t take any wooden nickels” was a common saying at our house. So when I first saw The Secret, I was very excited to be learning this information but I was also very skeptical. If everyone has this power, why is there so much unhappiness? Why are there poor people? Why is there hunger and disease and so on and so on…

So how did I get around it?  I’ll share my top THREE ways that I learned more about the LAW OF ATTRACTION and how I learned to make it work for me!


There are so many books and videos that you can watch that will give you a lot of information. I’ll share a few of my favorites here.


The law of attraction isn’t something that you DO, it is something that you ARE! And for some, this takes a good bit of practice. I and many others share what works for us. You’ll need to apply this information into your own life and tweak it to make it work for you.


If you could be 30 pounds lighter or a better speaker or instantly rich overnight, you’d do it right? We all would. But the truth is that with just a few exceptions most of us have to be patient and put in the work. Law of attraction is like any muscle or skill that needs work, you take it slow, one day at a time. To be a real success, stay open-minded to great possibilities.

At it’s very essence, the law of attraction is all about LOVE. Your subconscious gives you the things you think about consistently

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