Stop complaining about why you’re so mistreated


Right now, you think that the world hates you and since I’m writing this while we’re all under quarantine for COVID-19 we’re all feeling a little unloved and pessimistic.

Just stop it. You are not unloved. The God that made the mountains loves you and so do I.

Get up and go to your mirror. Look into your eyes and say “I love you”.  REALLY do this. It might make you cry the first time you do it but keep going.

Feel a little better?  Good because now I’m going to kick your ass.

What exactly do you think that feeling sorry for yourself and your situation will achieve?

I found myself complaining about bread this morning. Not that we didn’t have any but that we didn’t have the right kind.  BULL CRAP!

Many people in this world would LOVE to have the bread I looked at disdainfully. I told myself and I’m telling you, BE THANKFUL FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO HAVE.

Maybe you were having trouble paying the bills before COVID19. Maybe you were days to having the power turned off. Maybe things were really sucking in your life before all this crap started. I’m here to say that you do NOT have to be a victim here.

Go back to your mirror. Look into your eyes.  Say “I have power.”

Say “The God who made the world made me too.”

“I am a child of God and I have the power to change things.”


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