Making Your Dreams Come True with the Law of Attraction

What is the Law of Attraction?

Simply this: like attracts like.

You can attract negative things like debts and ill tempered people to your life or you can attract wealth and happy people to your life; which would you prefer? Use the law of attraction to manifest your desires and dreams. The universe uses the law of attraction and other universal laws to bring you fulfillment and what you want in life.

Your dreams are your thoughts

When you go to a restaurant and order a salad, the server takes your order and the chef prepares your salad. In the law of attraction, the server is your mind and the chef is the universe. In the same way, your wants and needs are in your mind and your mind uses your dreams to create the order to the universe.

But just like the restaurant if you just say, “Bring me whatever you want” to the server then you might not like what you get. The server will be confused and tell the chef to just start putting everything in the pantry on table 10! You might like some of what you get but you might also get the tuna surprise and the cold tongue.

The law of attraction draws like to like, meaning that you need to focus on those things you want and truly desire. Focusing on lack, fear, and doubt will only bring those things to you.

To manifest your dreams:

  • Make your wants clear
  • Take action
  • Be positive
  • Feel “as if”
  • Let it go

Make your wants clear

Because you only manifest what you broadcast to the universe, be sure to send out your wishes as clear as possible.

Consider this: if you want more money, be specific.

Try this experiment: Say aloud, or for more power, WRITE “I will receive an extra $1000 this month from sources outside my current income”. If you just say you want more money, then even an extra dollar counts as “more”.

I add in that it comes in as something outside my normal income because I want to explore other income options. I also say that I want to receive it this month. This makes my request not only specific, but with a due date so that the universe knows that I want this soon and not over the course of months.


I asked for $1000 but how the universe bring it to me? Will I win it? If so, I need to play a game or buy a raffle ticket or buy a lottery ticket. The universe will lead me to the device. Or maybe, I have an object that I don’t need that I could sell for $1000. Again, the universe will lead me that way. Or maybe, I could start a business or will be sent a lead. In this step, I need to pay attention to what shows up after I make my request.

Years ago, I needed a ramp van for my husband after he became paralyzed. I didn’t have a lot of money and the bills were mounting from his 7-1/2 month hospital stay. I prayed and asked God to show me a way to purchase a wheel chair accessible vehicle. The next day, someone who didn’t know me, suggested a fundraising account. I jumped on it and within a couple of weeks, people from all over the country had donated thousands of dollars. I was still short but then a friend suggested I see what I could sell my current vehicle for and I was surprised that another big chunk of the money was available to me. My research showed that I’d need another $12 thousand dollars but then I got a phone call from a couple who had a van and wanted to sell it to someone who really needed it and for $4 thousand less than I currently had available. I check it out and it was perfect for our needs and such a blessing.

So the van came to us but there were several actions that I had to take to get there.


I’m not one of those people who says that you can never have a bad day and I definitely think that the current positivity culture can be hurtful to some people. I mean there are things in the world that just suck like poverty and wars and hungry people.

If your spouse is abusing you, I’m not going to tell you that you should just think cheerfully and maybe it will stop. NO, GET OUT NOW! SERIOUSLY here’s a link to the National Domestic Violence Hotline – please get help.

What I am saying is that if you complain constantly about how you are taken advantage of or how the world hates you or blah blah blah, then you will get more of that.

Feel “as if”

This one is lots of fun to me. When I put out a big request to the universe, I start thinking about how I will feel when I get that thing. How will I feel when I get that $1000? Will I love it? Will I jump up and down? Go shopping? Yell with joy?

Sometimes, I’ll pretend that I just got that money and I’ll tell a pretend person (who never argue with you and never try to talk you out of the manifestation) about what a great manifestation artist I am.


The last and most important step is to be like Elsa and LET IT GO. No you don’t have to build a castle out of ice but you do have to know and believe that even if you don’t get the thing you’ve requested, that everything will be ok.

YES, I SAID LET IT GO. It will be ok. If you are in hard times and you desperately need $1000 by Tuesday so you won’t get evicted, then I hate to tell you that it probably won’t happen. But if you put your need out to the universe and say “everything’s going to be ok, I just don’t know how” then actually FEEL this, somehow, it WILL be ok.

Making your dreams come true is what the law of attraction does best. To make it work, follow a few simple steps and the universe will grant your wish.

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